How do I pay my pphi-online.org membership dues?

Please contact us.

I need to receive an invoice for my pphi-online.org membership payment, what should I do?

Please contact us.

Membership status (I have paid but still not received any confirmation / I tried to log in with my membership access code, but am experiencing difficulties).

Please contact us.

I have forgotten my PPHI membership number and cannot access without it.

Go to the Member link on the header menu
Enter your email address on the Member’s login box and click I forgot my password.
You will be sent an email containing your PPHI membership password.

I want to change my address / my email.

Go to the Member link on the header menu, login and click on edit profile

Can I use the PPHI brand name and logo?

The association’s insignia (logo) is a registered trademark and the property of PPHI. The PPHI logo can therefore only be used as designated and approved by the association. Any use of the association’s name must also be approved by the association and the PPHI Office. Copies and samples of all material produced including the association’s insignia by affiliate groups for public relations or public information must be sent to the PPHI Office for approval and informational purposes.

Please address all requests and event proposals to: PPHI Office